If you haven’t received a written notice about your citation

(also referred to as a ticket) in the mail from the court


  1. Your citation is the only notice you are required to receive by law.  The court is not required to mail you a written notice about your citation.  However, like most courts in California, Mono County Superior Court mails a courtesy “bail notice” to the address on the citation.
    1. If your address has changed or is incorrect on the citation, please contact the court by mail or email to give us the correct address.  The court can re-send the courtesy “bail notice” to the correct address if requested
      1. However, if your citation is not in our case management system, we will not be able to correct your address or even retain the correct address information.  You will need to contact the court with the correct address once your citation is entered into our system


  2. Not receiving a courtesy “bail notice” in the mail from the court, is not an excuse or defense if you failed to appear as directed by your citation or pay your citation’s bail/fine/fees.

  3. The court may not mail your courtesy “bail notice” for 5 to 6 weeks from the date you received the citation.  Due to the reduction in staff caused by severe budget cutbacks, the court does not have sufficient staff to enter citations in a timely manner into our computer case management system that generates the courtesy “bail notices”.  Generally, you will receive a courtesy “bail notice” to the address on the citation 10 days prior to the appearance date on the citation

  4. If you would like to receive an email notification when your traffic citation is available online to view you bail amount and even pay online, click here to access the ePay-it web site to register your citation number (include numbers and letters ) for an email notification

  5. If your citation is for a misdemeanor violation, you will not receive a courtesy “bail notice”.  Your appearance in court is mandatory on the date of appearance written on your citation

  6. If you reside outside the United States, you will not receive a courtesy “bail notice”. Please click here to receive information about how foreign residents can take care of their traffic and infraction citations