“If you missed your first court appearance

for a misdemeanor violation, what you can do”


  1. You cannot simply pay bail/fines/fees for a misdemeanor violation and avoid coming to court.  Because a misdemeanor is a more serious violation that can result in possible incarceration, you must personally appear on your “date of appearance” or an attorney must appear on your behalf. 
    1.  What if you failed to appear in court for the “date of appearance” on your misdemeanor violation;
      1. There will be a warrant issued by the court for your arrest (called a bench warrant) and additional penalty fines and fees.  If you missed your appearance date for a misdemeanor violation, unlike an infraction, you cannot pay all bail/fines and additional penalty fees to avoid coming to court.  You are required to appear in court
    1. What can you do to take care of misdemeanor violation after missing your date of appearance?
      1. You must come to Mono County Superior Court clerks window on either Monday in Mammoth Lakes or Tuesday in Bridgeport (check our court website to make sure it’s not a holiday) at 8:30 AM and request that the court clerk “add on” your case to court’s criminal/traffic calendar for that day. 
          1. Non-holiday Mondays and Tuesdays are the only days you can appear at court to be “added on” to our criminal/traffic calendar.