If you just want to pay your traffic citation (referred to as a ticket) or infraction citation-without a correctable violations (fix-it ticket), without contesting the citation and without going to traffic school

  1. You can pay your entire bail/fines/fees one of three ways.  Be advised that if you pay your entire bail/fine/fees, this is called a “bail forfeiture” which is the same as pleading guilty to your violations.  Please read below for the consequences of “bail forfeiture”.  You can find out the total amount of your entire bail/fine/fees by going to our court website, ePay-it webpage, click here to go to the ePay-it webpage.

    1. You can go to court in person to pay by check, cashier’s check or cash (credit cards are only accepted for ePay-it payments)

    2. You can mail your payment by check or cashier’s check (do not mail cash).  Please include your citation number or docket number on check or cashier’s check.

      1. Mail your payment to Mono County Superior Court, PO Box 1037, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

    1. You can go to our court website,, enter your citation number (be sure include letters), your name and date of birth into our ePay-it service where you can pay your citation online using a credit card, there will be additional processing charges. Click here to go to the ePay-it webpage.
  2. If you pay your entire bail/fines/fees, that is called a “bail forfeiture,” which is the same as pleading guilty to your citation violations.  If your violations are Vehicle Code violations, once you “bail forfeit,” the court case management system will report to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that you have pled guilty to your citation violations.

    1. Legal Notice: If you “bail forfeit” and are eligible to attend traffic school and decide not to attend, your automobile insurance may be adversely affected.

    2. If you are not a California resident, be advised that the California DMV shares information with DMV agencies from most other states.


  3. If you have correctable violations or want to contest the citation or want go to traffic school, do not pay your citation online without reading instructions about each on our website.
    1. For information about correctable citations click here
      1. if you have a correctable violation and choose not to provide proof of correction to the court, you may pay your entire bail online
    2. For information about contesting citations click here
    3. For information about traffic school click here


  1. If you are not able to find your citation or pay your citation in the ePay-it webpage, it could be for one of the following reasons:
    1. Your citation may not yet be entered into our computer case management system.  It may take 5 to 6 weeks from when you received the citation for the court to enter your citation into our case management system. 
      1. On ePay-it webpage you can register your citation number to receive an email notification when your citation gets entered into our system.  Be sure to include all letters and numbers located in the upper right-hand corner of the citation
    2. Your citation may be a “Notice to Correct Violation” which is a special correctable violation, which is corrected by providing proof directly to the law enforcement agency which issued the citation.  Click here for more information on “Notice to Correct Violation” citations
      1. The court will not receive your “Notice to Correct Violation” until you fail to correct and the law enforcement agency refers the citation to the court.  For that reason, this type of citation cannot be viewed online or paid online.