If you want to go to traffic school and pay your

traffic citation (ticket) without contesting the citation”

  1. Successful completion of traffic school will not eliminate a person’s responsibility to pay their bail/fine/fees.  Successful completion of traffic school will prevent traffic school eligible moving violation conviction from being reported to your insurance company by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).


  1. In order to sign-up for traffic school you must have a moving violation eligible for traffic school and you must be eligible for traffic school.
    1. Violations that are not eligible for traffic school are:
      1. violations that are worth 2 points
      2. violations that are not a moving violation that results in a point on your driving record, such as wearing headsets or earplugs while driving
      3. violations that are alcohol or drug-related
      4. for a complete list go to the California Department of motor vehicle website
    1. You are not eligible for traffic school:
      1. If you have attended traffic school within the last 18 months.
        1. The court cannot tell you if you have attended traffic school in the last 18 months.  Only the DMV can make that determination, please contact your local DMV office for that information
          1. If you are found ineligible by the DMV, your $52 traffic school administrative fee will not be refunded
        1. If you have a commercial driver's license and your violation occurred while driving a commercial vehicle, you are prohibited from attending traffic school (pursuant to Vehicle Code Section 42005). However, if you have a commercial driver's license but your violation occurred while driving a non-commercial vehicle you could be eligible for traffic school



  1. If you are not a resident of California, the court cannot assure you that the Department of Motor Vehicles agency for your state of residence will accept or even receive completion of traffic school report.
    1. The California DMV and many states DMV agencies share vehicle code violations information and traffic school completion report information, however, you need to check with the DMV in your state for information on whether completion of traffic school for a California moving violation will be reported to the DMV agency for your state.


  1. To sign up for traffic school, you must pay your entire bail/fine/fees plus a $52 dollar administrative fee, either by mailing the request for traffic school with payment to the court, appearing at the court in person, or using the ePay-it Online system, “Step 3: Select Options” click the traffic school payment option.  To go to ePay-it webpage click here.

Step Three Screenshot

  1. Starting on the date you signed up for traffic school, you will be given 60 days to complete a California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) approved traffic school. Extensions will not be granted by the court.  It is your responsibility to select the traffic school, pay for the traffic school and complete traffic school within the 60 days.
    1. If you fail to complete the traffic school by your 60 day due date, a conviction will be reported to the DMV and a point will be added to your driving record.   


  1. You will need to choose a traffic school licensed by DMV.  The traffic school you select will charge a fee that is in addition to the $52 traffic school administrative fee paid to the court.
    1. You can complete traffic school online, by home study or in a classroom. 
    2. To find a DMV licensed traffic school, simply search the DMV's Traffic School Provider look-up system at: . When accessing the above DMV website, click on "Start Search", then "Access the system", the select, "Traffic School List". Click on "Get Traffic School List" then select from drop down list, "Classroom Course, Home Study Course, or Internet Course". Follow the directions to locate a Traffic School.


  1. When you have completed the traffic school, the traffic school will issue you a receipt and notify the DMV that you have completed the class.
    1. Upon completion the DMV will notify the court that the school has been completed.
    2. It is not necessary for you to send the court a copy of the Certification of Completion.