If you missed your first court appearance for a traffic citation or infraction citation, what you can do

  1. What if you failed to appear on your appearance date for an infraction, what can you do to take care of the infraction?  Be advised because you failed to appear for your citation there will be may be a warrant issued by the court for your arrest (called a bench warrant) or substantial additional penalty fees, called civil assessments.  Here’s what you can do:
    1. If don’t want to contest your infraction, you can avoid appearing in court by paying all your bail/fines and additional penalty fees, you can do so by mail or by paying online
      1. Click here to be taken to the court online e-pay it service to see your total bail/fines and additional penalty fees owed and even pay online if you choose
    1. If you want to contest your infraction after missing your appearance date, you need to come to Mono County Superior Court clerks window on either Monday in Mammoth Lakes or Tuesday in Bridgeport (check our court website to make sure it’s not a holiday) at 8:30 AM and request that the court clerk “add on” your arraignment to court’s morning criminal/traffic calendar.  At your arraignment you can request a court trial. 
      1. Non-holiday Monday or Tuesday are the only days you can appear at court to be “added on” to our criminal/traffic calendar.