Grand Jury Duty

How to Submit a Citizen Complaint Form to the Grand Jury


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Citizens should express concerns regarding city, county and special district government agencies and officials to the Grand Jury, in writing, using a Citizen’s Complaint Form. The Grand Jury will acknowledge receipt of signed Citizen Complaint Forms by issuing a response letter to complainants within 30 working days.

All citizen complaints are treated as confidential correspondence. All persons who appear before the Grand Jury or who communicate with the Grand Jury in writing are protected by strict rules of confidentiality. These rules extend to all participants in the process, including complainants and witnesses. Further, the minutes and records of Grand Jury meetings are protected by law and cannot be subpoenaed or inspected by anyone.

Please keep in mind that the Grand Jury is not a "Consumer Complaint Bureau." The Grand Jury inquires into citizen complaints regarding government agencies and officials to identify practices in government that need improvement. The ultimate goal of the Grand Jury is to improve government in Mono County and to make public officials responsive to the people.

To submit a complaint to the Grand Jury, complete and sign a Citizen’s Complaint Form (PDF Format) and mail to:

Mono County Grand Jury
P.O. Box 3994
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

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