Grand Jury Duty

How to Volunteer to Serve as a Grand Juror


Your Grand Jury is...

  • made up of 11 concerned citizens just like you who serve on the Grand Jury for one year
  • an important citizen "watchdog" of our local government for all citizens
  • an arm of the court that operates under strict rules of confidentiality
  • accountable to the public through its published final reports
  • effective when citizens become involved in local government

Application and Selection Process

Qualifications: Who may be on the Civil Grand Jury?

Prospective Grand Jurors must possess the following qualifications (Penal Code 893):

  • Be a citizen of the United States of the age of 18 years or older who shall have been a resident of the State and of the County for one year immediately before being selected.
  • Be in possession of his or her natural faculties of ordinary intelligence, of sound judgment, and of fair character.
  • Possess sufficient knowledge of the English language.

A person is not legally qualified to serve if any of the following apply:

  • The person is serving as a trial juror in any court of this State.
  • The person has been discharged as a Grand Juror in any court of this State within one year.
  • The person has been convicted of malfeasance in office or any felony or other high crime.
  • The person is serving as an elected public officer.

Desirable Qualifications

Desirable qualifications for a Grand Juror include the following:

  • Be in a state of good health;
  • Be open-minded with concern for the positions and views of others;
  • Have the ability to work with others;
  • Have an interest in community affairs;
  • Possess investigative skills and an ability to write reports; and
  • Have a general knowledge of the functions, authorities, and responsibilities of the county and city government and other civil entities.

Would you make a good Grand Juror?

  • Are you a good listener?
  • Can you cooperate with 18 others towards a common goal?
  • Can you keep a secret? All your work must be kept confidential.
  • Have you the ability to commit yourself to a full year of work?
  • Can you ask thoughtful questions, review documents, and help write lucid reports?
  • Does your schedule permit you to attend at least four day-time meetings each month?
  • Are you interested in trying to increase the efficiency of local government, save taxpayers' dollars, and improve services?
  • Can you contribute a substantial amount of time (at least 10 hours per month) to the Grand Jury? Many members work 15 hours or more per month on Grand Jury business.

Service on the Grand Jury is Voluntary

Service on the Grand Jury is VOLUNTARY. Each spring, applications are accepted from qualified citizens. Each of the Superior Court Judges in Mono County may nominate at least one person for Grand Jury service. However, it is not necessary to know a judge personally in order to apply for service.

Mono County citizens are urged to apply for service on the Grand Jury. Citizens who are interested, qualified, and able to commit to a minimum of 10 hours per month, for one year, for Grand Jury service may click Application to download the required form (PDF Format); or request an application from:

The Superior Court Executive Office
P.O. Box 1037
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
Telephone: (760) 924-5444

Superior Court Judges review the candidates' application and select a number of nominees. Effort is made to impanel a jury of qualified men and women of diverse socio-economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds, as well as age groups and representative of each community within the county. From the group of nominees, a blind drawing is held in July each year, during a public court proceeding, to select the citizens who will serve as Grand Jurors for the year. A total of 19 citizens are drawn to serve on the Grand Jury; the remaining nominees from the drawing serve as alternates. Alternates are called to serve if a selected juror becomes unable to serve during the course of the year.

Mono County Grand Jurors are sworn in and begin their one-year term during the first week of July. After the Grand Jury is sworn in, the Presiding Judge appoints a foreperson to preside at meetings. The jury then organizes itself into committees and investigates various departments and functions of local government as it chooses and reviews compliance with previous Grand Jury recommendations. Department Heads are interviewed, on-site visits are made, and department's strengths and weaknesses are investigated.


Grand Jury work is demanding. Each Grand Jury forms committees and sets its own program of committee meetings, investigations and interviews.

IT IS NOT UNCOMMON FOR GRAND JURY MEMBERS TO WORK 20 HOURS OR MORE PER MONTH ON GRAND JURY BUSINESS. Persons selected for Grand Jury service must make a commitment to giving a minimum of 10 hours per month to Grand Jury service which includes attending a minimum of two day-time meetings or field trips per month for a period of one year (July 1 - June 30).

Jury members are paid $15 per day for attendance of regular Grand Jury meetings, along with reimbursement for mileage to and from regular Grand Jury meetings. No other remuneration is provided.

Rewards for Grand Jury service come from increased knowledge of local government and the satisfaction of making a worthwhile contribution to the improvement of government operations.

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